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EOSRL Members

Taemyoung Kim
☀ Ph.D Program

✐ Retrieval algorithm for the vertical profiles of temperature and moisture from a geostationary imager (GK-2A)

Yunyoung Song
☀ Ph.D Program

✐ Application of radiometer data into the numerical weather prediction

Yeeun Lee
☀ Ph.D Program


Vicarious calibration with deep convective clouds (DCCs) for the UV-VIS environmental sensor (GEMS) 

Minju Kang
☀ Master Program

✐ Greenhouse gas observation and concentration retrieval from ground-based FTS instrument (EM27/Sun)

Dabin Yeom
☀ Master Program

Analysis on the Effects of Slant Path Simulation in the Data Assimilation

Jinyeong Kim
☀ Undergraduate student

✐ Application of geostationary satellite(GK-2A) data into forecasting of convective system

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