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Su Jeong Lee
  • Ph.D. 2018: Development of a retrieval algorithm based on the optimal estimation method for clear-sky atmospheric profiles from a geostationary meteorological imager

Hyeyoung Won
  • Ph.D. 2019: Improvement of cloud detection algorithm for the downwelling radiance measured by an infrared thermometer 

Mina Kang 
(Ph.D Program)
  • Ph.D. 2021: Spectral calibration algorithm for hyperspectral instrument: application to Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)

Yeonjin Lee 
(Ph.D Program)
  • Development of retrieval algorithm for atmosphere instability indices of GK-2A using Artifical Neural Network (ANN) 

Ph.D. Candidate

Danbi Han 
(Ph.D Program)
Han-Byeol Jeong
(Ph.D Program)
  • Retrieval algorithm for Microwave Radiometer using Artificial Neural Network

  • Instrument calibration including GSICS


  • Improvement of the pre-processing method of microwave radiance observation for data assimilation in NWP


Sangmi Lee
  • M.S. 2015: ADT(Advanced Dvorak Technique) 알고리즘을 이용한 태풍정보 생산의 중심위치 오차에 의한 민감도

Eunjin Kim
  • M.S. 2017: The analysis of the bias characteristics for a better utilization of the ATMS data in data assimilation of NWP model

Boram Kim
  • M.S. 2016: An approach to drive an objective best track for a tropical cyclone in the western North Pacific

SeungMin Ha


  • ​M.S. 2018: The improvement of ozone first-guess profile to retrieve accurate total ozone from high performance geostationary satellite

Hyemin Shin
(Master Program)


  • Analysis on the Atmospheric motion vector (AMV) retrieved from the Aelous Doppler wind lidar (ALADIN)

Master Candidate

SeEun Lee
(Master Program)


  • Analysis of Tropical Cyclone influence on the Korean Peninsula

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